I offer one-to-one, person-centred counselling sessions for both Adults and Children and Young People with a focus on neuro-divergence.

I work with individuals who identify as neuro-divergent, and their families. This can be a formal diagnosis, self-identifying or people who want to further explore the possibility of neuro-divergence within their experience.

Sessions are available either face-to-face in Doncaster or online over Zoom.

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Whether you have grown up with a neuro-divergent diagnosis or you are starting to explore possible neural-divergence in adulthood the emotional impact can be significant to mental health. I have supported many people exploring what neuro-divergence means to them, learning to understand and appreciate their unique brain and find the way of being themselves in a world where they feel they don’t quite fit. If you are looking for support in any of these areas please get in touch.

Children and Young People

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Many neuro-divergent children struggle with anxiety, low self-esteem and anger as a result of feeling they don’t quite fit in at home, with their peers or within the school environment. I have also had a wealth of experience supporting children with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and other brain differences both in a school setting and within private practice. I currently work with children aged 8+

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Family and Loved Ones

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I understand the emotional impact of having a neuro-divergent individual in the family can also affect other family members and loved ones. This could be related to the emotional stress of pursuing a diagnosis; difficulties adapting to your loved ones’ individual needs and ways of relating; or siblings feeling left out, or confused about their brother or sister’s experience. If you are the family member of a neuro-divergent person and would like some emotional support please get in touch.

Ways of Working

Face to Face

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Face to face counselling is available from my therapy room in Doncaster. It is located at Woodfield Park in Balby.

Sessions can be booked weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs. I offer sessions on weekdays. I also have a limited number of evening sessions.



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I also offer online sessions via the Zoom platform. These are available to anyone in the UK or Ireland or Europe (as long as my insurance is able to provide cover).

If you live further afield, or prefer online interactions over face to face you can choose to work with me in this way. 


Therapy to Meet Your Needs

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I appreciate that some people with neuro-divergent brains need a bit of extra help accessing counselling.

This could be consideration to sensory issues, supporting executive function difficulties with session reminders or something else that would help support you access the counselling process.

I am flexible in my approach to working and will always try and find ways to accommodate your individual needs where possible.

Please get in touch to discuss how I might be able to adapt my way of working to remove any barriers to you accessing counselling.